How To: Organize Your Makeup

There are few things I find more relaxing than organizing. I pride myself in my organized drawers and closet, so I figured it is only fair that I spread the knowledge. First stop: makeup. The key to organizing makeup is having the proper set-up, which includes proper containers and storage space. The process breaks down into a few simple steps: cleanse, buy, and organize.

1) Cleanse: Survey all of your products and ask yourself, “do I really need this?” and “when was the last time I used this?”. According to your answer to these questions, sort your product into one of the following piles: keep, toss, or give to a friend.

  •      Remember: Liquid formulas last 3-6 months (mascara, liquid foundation) & powder formulas last up to one year

2) Buy: The fun part! Take inventory of products you need. If you threw out an essential product like foundation, make sure to repurchase. Measure your drawer/vanity space and assess what type of organization tools you need. I prefer to put my makeup in drawers and use these types of containers to organize my makeup my type.

3) Organize: Set up compartments, dividing your makeup into genres: face, eyes, lips, etc. I like to organize my brushes in cups on my vanity. It allows easy access and looks pretty, too!

Sophia Brahos

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