To Buy: Sally Hansen Dry + Go Drops

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I contemplate buying these drops every time I step foot into a drugstore. However, I never buy them thinking they’re a waste of $6 and up buying a lipgloss that I had to have (and never wear… silly me). I paint my nails 5 minutes before I leave my house, give them 1 minute to dry and by the time I arrive at my destination, my manicure is ruined. After suffering from this vicious cycle for far too long, I finally caved and bought the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Dry + Go Drops last week. My life has changed for the better (I know, it’s pathetic). I do not know what is in this little miracle bottle but it is actually miraculous. Please save your future manicures and buy this product. The drops make your nails look like they were professionally done.  I repeat, this product is perfect. I know OPI has the same product out and I have never tried it so I can’t compare the two, buuut I don’t know how a product can get better than this. Just go buy it.

Directions: Apply your base coat, color, and top coat. Wait 60 seconds and apply 1-2 drops.

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Sophia Brahos

3 thoughts on “To Buy: Sally Hansen Dry + Go Drops

  1. Hi love!

    Thanks so much for you comment and follow. Your blog is beautiful!! I’m so glad I read this post! I neeeed to buy this product. I ruined my nails just last night my rushing out the door before they were dry :(… story of my life haha

    Hope you’re having a lovely day,


  2. I need to try this! Have you tried Sally Hansen effects? (the nail stickers) they are amazing, no waiting for nails to dry and they only take about 15 minutes to put on! A good product for girls on the go!


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