How to: Organize Your Closet

Closet: A girls best friend/ worst enemy. It always seems to be missing that one shirt that would perfectly compliment your shoes or you find that skirt that’s been in there for years and is the perfect addition to your outfit. An organized closet is not only crucial to a woman’s sanity, it is crucial to putting together a good outfit. Here are some of my tips and tricks to an organized closet.


This is the most important part of organizing. Some women color code by type of top, for example, all short sleeved shirts are organized from red-black, etc. I prefer to have one big rainbow. If I am looking for a white shirt, I can go to my white part of the closet and choose from there. Plus it makes your closet look so good. 

weekly-roundup-these-7-blogs-will-help-you-get-organized(Photo via Pinterest)

2. Matching Hangers

Make sure all of your hangers match. It’s simple and very effective to creating a uniform look. Look at those beautiful hangers! 87

(Photo via Pinterest) 

3. Hang vs. Hold

I hang the majority of my clothes (including T-shirts) but if you do not have the closet space, here are some pointers.

  • To Hang: Heavy sweaters, blouses, anything embellished, dressy tops
  • To Fold:  Fine sweaters (cashmere, etc), T-shirts, jeans

I have the Elfa System in my closet. I hang all of my finer sweaters like my pants instead of folding them. (see below)      photo

4. One in, One out

In order to prevent a clothing overload, clean out your closet regularly. I follow the “one in, one out” rule. Every time I buy something new, I make myself get rid of one thing in my closet.

Hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday! I’m home with the flu 😦 xoxo

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Sophia Brahos

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