How To: the Perfect Manicure

Nothing feels better than walking out of a nail salon with a fresh manicure. However, most of the time our schedules (and wallets) don’t permit a weekly trip to the nail salon. Cue the miracle products. I have finally found a group of products that 1) makes my nail polish last for a week (give or take a few chips) and 2) has the same luster as a salon manicure. Let’s get to it!

IMG_2648(from left to right)

1) Zoya Anchor Base coat: I bought this base coat because I ran out of my previous favorite, but I instantly fell in love with it. I really notice a difference in the lasting power of my manicure when I use it.

2) butter LONDON Nail Foundation: This is the Holy Grail of base coats. I included it in my 2012 favorites (link here) because it was one of my best finds of the year. Nail Foundation does exactly what its title claims: it is a foundation for your nails. One coat coats your nails with a light nude and a matte finish. It is PERFECT if you prefer to wear lighter colors.

3) Deborah Lippmann in Bitches Brew: I’m not partial to one polish brand, but I love Deborah Lippmann’s polishes. I’ve been wearing this color all season.

4) Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Top CoatSally Hansen has the best top coats. I’m currently using this one, but I rotate between a few of her fast dry top coats.

5) Sally Hansen Salong Manicure Dry + Go DropsI wrote an entire post dedicated to this product, but I cannot stop talking about it! These drops are the key to getting the salon manicure look. PLEASE go buy them. Now. Go!


Side Note: In order to keep my manicure looking fresh, I put on hand cream and gloves before I go to bed.When you wake up in the morning, not only are your hands moisturized but your nail beds are flawless!  I got my gloves at Bed Bath & Beyond (another type here). I use the Ahava lotion before bed and keep the mini Bliss hand cream in my purse/backpack.

IMG_2652Trying to figure out how to take pictures of my nails (and not succeeding) Polish: Essie “Fishnet Stockings”


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Sophia Brahos

2 thoughts on “How To: the Perfect Manicure

  1. Love this post because I just went to get a pedicure and they ignored me when I asked for a manicure! Where does one purchase all of these products, I am looking for one stop shopping!!!


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