Pin It Up

Bulletin boards are the prettiest way to showcase your pictures, artwork, etc. in a space. I enjoy working at my desk because I am surrounded by pictures of everything I love. I’ve assembled some tips for achieving a pretty and productive workspace.IMG_3330

  • In order to add a pop of color to my room, I painted my board which serves as a nice contrast to the cream walls and a great base for my pictures.


  • I have a large bulletin board, so I choose a couple of larger pictures anchor the space, then add smaller pictures all around them. 
  • Uneven is best! A little bit of inconsistency is essential to a creating a great board.


  • Pictures, cards and tickets make for a charming and unique space


  • I used a map (it’s actually wrapping paper from Paper Source) to split up my  space. One side of my desk serves as work desk, and the other side a vanity. 


  • My “vanity” board is full of fashion and beauty inspiration, from pictures of Taylor Swift to Tory Burch. 



  • A bulletin board isn’t just for pictures! Hang up your statement necklaces to change things up. 


Sophia Brahos

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