the Sunscreen Files

With summer sneaking up on us, every beauty blog, magazine article and commentary stresses the importance of sunscreen, so naturally I had to jump on the bandwagon. Jokes aside, sunscreen is SO important (I can’t stress it enough!). At age 70, my grandmother has the most beautiful skin. She’s worn sunscreen everyday for years, and let me tell you, it’s paying off. I realized my teenage skin isn’t going to last forever, so I started searching for sunscreen I could wear everyday. I had two requirements: it couldn’t be oily and it had had to have a nice scent (if any scent at all).


Clarins SPF 40 Day Screen: The Holy Grail of face sunscreen. It is the perfect base for makeup: not too oily and makes your skin super smooth.

IMG_3486Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF 30: My favorite body sunscreen. I keep a bottle in my car, my bathroom and my golf bag. It smells like you just hopped of a plane in Kauai. This smells better than most “coconut” body lotions out there, so it’s almost like you’re getting a 2 in 1 deal. Plus, you can’t beat the drugstore price.


Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer: Don’t laugh at me! This is one of my favorite moisturizers. I’m including it because it has SPF in it, something all of our daily moisturizers should include. The “tanning” aspect aside (it really doesn’t do anything), the moisturizer evens out my skin tone.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm:  Another Holy Grail product, this time for your lips. If you’re going out in the sun, don’t forget to use SPF on your lips. They burn, too!

NOTE: Sunscreen is not something that should only be worn in the summer. I use these products year round (even on cloudy days). It may seem like a hassle, but your skin will thank you later, I promise.


Sophia Brahos

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