Paint Shop


Everybody loves their salon. I really love my salon. I’ve been seeing Domingo for as long as I can remember, and when he and his wife Julie teamed up to open Paint Shop on 3rd street I was ecstatic. Domingo is the hair wizard and Julie is the nail queen and together, they’ve created the best salon in Los Angeles (maybe I’m biased). I really only have good things to say about this place (and the reviews all agree with me). Check out their website HERE

  1. Location: Located on 3rd street catty-corner to the Farmer’s Market, it gives you the perfect excuse to do a little damage at the Grove before your appointment.
  2. Services: The manicures= heaven. Paint Shop offers a ton of different treatments (how awesome does the Dharma pedicure sound?) and is perfect if you’re looking for an hour of relaxing. I don’t know how Domingo does it, but my hair always looks perfect when I step out of the salon. paint-shop-1-730px
  3. Products: They carry a range of hair brands, varying from Bed Head to J Salon (my shampoo/conditioner of choice). They also carry a Paint Shop line, which has everything from foot scrub to body lotion (link HERE). My favorite is the Revive 10 Cuticle Rehab Cream, which containstea tree oil and works miracles on my cuticles. about-image2
  4. Environment: Paint Shop always has the coolest music playing and every employee is so kind. Plus, Domingo makes mean cookies if you’re there on a Friday/Saturday.


Sophia Brahos

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