Rebecca Minkoff Road Trip

I love Rebecca Minkoff, you love Rebecca Minkoff, we all love Rebecca Minkoff. Her effortless style translates right into her line: cool, chic, and pretty much perfect. I bought my first RM item last year: a cream Mini Mac. Let’s just say I’ve been smitten ever since. Last week I jumped at the opportunity to meet Rebecca Minkoff at the Grove on one of her stops on the “Rebecca Minkoff Road Trip.” She is even more beautiful in person… and just as stylish, too.

RM rmrmRM+SBOf course I caved and had to buy a bag. I chose the ‘Markey’ Envelope Clutch. It doubles as a cross body and was designed to fit an iPad. It’s the perfect size and I couldn’t be happier with it! Expect a What’s in My Bag post soon! purseScreen Shot 2013-03-29 at 10.18.47 PM

Long story short, I want everything in her spring collection. It was so fun to meet her and Nordstrom hosted a fantastic event.


Sophia Brahos

2 thoughts on “Rebecca Minkoff Road Trip

  1. I love Rebecca Minkoff too and I am going to purchase that bag! Thanks the the info.

    Christa Lakon Sent from my iPhone


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