the Anatomy of a Perfume Tray

I mean, everything looks better on a tray. While I may be a little more tray obsessed than the average person, every girl needs a perfume tray.


  • They’re not just for perfume! Add a pretty bottle of lotion or nail polish.
  • Pick your tray. CB2 has a ton of inexpensive options that match any space. Also check Michaels and other craft stores.


  • Bedroom or Bathroom. I love to keep mine on my dresser, but my mom prefers hers in her bathroom. Either add a feminine touch to any space.
  • Size Matters. Play around with the arrangement of the bottles. Tall bottles always go in the back, but the rest is up to you.
  • Flowers (in my case, faux flowers) mix it up.



Sophia Brahos

2 thoughts on “the Anatomy of a Perfume Tray

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