8 Steps to a Productive Workspace

I’ve been swamped with APs and looming final exams, and feel like I have not left my desk in weeks. Everyone has those weeks where the workload seems endless, so I’ve developed some tips on creating a productive workspace.

Image 111. Lighting 

Open your blinds! Often times while wallowing in self-pity with my endless to-do list, my curtains remained closed and the lights dimmed. Let me warn you, the glow of your laptop screen is not sufficient. Natural light can reduce fatigue and stress.

2. The Perfect Chair

Find a chair that supports your back. This is important! You’ll thank me when you’re five hours into your paper and feel like you need a full body massage.

3. Perfectly Positioned Monitor 

Make sure your screen is at eye level and an arm’s length away (18-20 inches). The further your screen, the less strain on your neck and eyes.

4. Move!

No one can sit a desk for an extended period of time. Get up and move around, whether it’s taking a short walk or grabbing a quick snack.

5. Happier times…


Surround your desk with photos of friends and family. Pictures instantly cheer you up on tough days.

6. Light a Candle


Candles are the ultimate relaxation tool. Light your favorite and let it burn for 20 minutes. Your room will smell great and and I guarantee your stress levels will decline.

My 3 favorites. Diptyque Pink Magnolia Jo Malone

7. Great Tunes

I don’t recommend listening to music while working, but a great playlist will lighten your mood during study breaks. I’m a huge Spotify fan and love finding playlists by my favorite designers and celebrities. My favorites include Rachel Zoe’s HQ Mix and anything Rebecca Minkoff puts together.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 7.06.08 PMListen here!

8. Keep it Tidy

Never leave your workspace messy. I never go to bed without making sure everything is in order for the next day and my desk is spotless. This not only makes for stress-free mornings, but the next time you sit down to work you aren’t drowning in paper.


Sophia Brahos

3 thoughts on “8 Steps to a Productive Workspace

  1. Oh My, this helped me out so much. On my sailboat that I live on, things get cluttered a little easy (LoL). I use to just toss everything I finished using, like my iPods and small pets. Now, after reading this, I can see why people are so into organizing their work space. I dont need much room for my trade (scrapbooking my favorite pictures from children novels), and now I have become much more efficient! Thanks A Million.


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