Save Your Feet: Meet TIEKS


At 5’3 (okay really 5’2 but who’s measuring), I’m always on the prowl for a casual wedge to give me a few extra inches but still comfortable to wear every day. But let’s face it, Victoria Beckham nobody wants to wear heels everyday. So, in the name of practicality, I save my heels for special occasions and reach for flats when I’m on the go. Cue Tieks. I discovered the brand when I first started All You Need is Blush (they were one of my first Twitter followers!). Not only are they super cute (blue bottoms= the Louboutin of flats, am I right?), but they are out of this world comfortable. I admit, I was sold after watching THIS video. If Oprah wears Tieks, then I should too, right?


Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 1.55.00 PM

(photo via Tieks)

I could have written this post the day after my pair arrived in the mail, but I wanted to give them a couple of months wear and see if they lived up to their hype. Guess what? They do. I have a pair in the Matte Black, but I have a shoe crush on more than a couple of pairs in the “Boutiek.” The best part about Tieks is that they roll up into a tiny ball, small enough to fit into a clutch. I wore a pretty deadly pair of heels to prom, so I made sure to pack my Tieks in my clutch. I slipped them on before I got on the dance floor, and to say they saved my feet is an understatement. They’re dressy enough for a prom dress but comfortable to wear with jeans to do errands. Sold yet?



Sophia Brahos

3 thoughts on “Save Your Feet: Meet TIEKS

  1. I’ve heard such amazing things about these shoes! I just kind of wish the bottoms weren’t all blue…maybe some other colors thrown in would be nice! 😉 haha they look really comfy though


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