Get Glowing: 3 Ways to Your Best Fake Tan

After all of my “research” (I use this word loosely) for this post, I’ve concluded that fake tanning is addictive and once you go tan, it’s hard to go back. I DO NOT condone tanning beds, and really encourage people to stay out of the sun. Both have serious consequences (melanomas are not your friend), so here’s where the faux bronze comes into the picture. Below are three tanning options, ranging from little commitment to major responsibility. Each one is great, but it depends what you’re in the market for.


Instant Bronze: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Instant “glow.” I would not be surprised if ABC makes Dancing with the Stars contestants bathe in this seven days a week, but all judgement aside, it does exactly what it should do. Spray anywhere on your body (not just your legs) for an instant tan. It’s a great product for a special event, or anything that doesn’t require you to retain a tan for more than 12 hours. Disclaimer: I am not fond of the scent, but if you can get over smelling like molten plastic for 10 minutes then you will survive! 


Three Day Glow: St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

Not the first time I’ve mentioned this product on AYNIB, and with good reason. It looks good on every skin tone (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Spray Tan) and is easy to apply, especially after you get the hang of it. I demand recommend purchasing the mitt because it creates an airbrushed finish. Another plus? Your nail beds won’t be an abhorrent shade of Garfield-esque orange. The “tan” lasts about three days with a shower or two and looks really good. Make sure to shave, exfoliate and moisturize before you apply. I like to apply it 2+ hours before I go to bed, let it “marinate”, then wake up and shower. And there you go, a beautiful tan. J. Lo is that you?

Seven Day Tan: Bella Bronze


Attention all California residents: Bella Bronze is a service that comes to your house, sprays you down, and leaves you looking red carpet ready. Well, almost. Shower about 6 hours after your tan (like the bronzing mousse, you can “tan” the night before then wake up and rinse). A technician will set up a tent and airbrush you, leaving you tan line free and ready for the beach. The tan lasts for a week, with a couple of showers. The best part about Bella Bronze is that you can control the level of tan, so your chances of looking like a Cheeto are nonexistent. For more information, check out their website HERE


Sophia Brahos

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