Currently Coveting: August

Meet my new monthly shopping feature.

Nothing marks the end of summer like bold colors and a good impulse purchase.

Clare Vivier Foldover ClutchI am a fan of Clare Vivier’s simple designs, especially her clutches. Her line is based in Los Angeles and is full of classic totes, clutches and wallets. I like simple bags, and her collection definitely fits the bill.

YSL Bleu MajorelleIf this doesn’t fall under “impulse purchase,” I don’t know what does. I bought this after reading an article on Into the Gloss on blue nail polish (something I normally stick my nose up to) and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the formula and the beautiful color. I think this marks the end of my blue nail polish collection though— I can’t stray from my baby pinks.

Superga Mesh Metallic Netu Sneakers: Too cool for a description. Another great impulse purchase (I’m on a roll!).

Comme des Garçonnes Continental Wallet: So cute. Can’t bring myself to buy it, but I’m happy to internet stalk it.

Dogeard “State of Mind- California” Pendant: California… knows how to party. < (if you got that Tupac reference we can be friends.)


Sophia Brahos

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