Are You Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Properly?

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 6.30.42 AMWe’re all guilty of not giving our makeup brushes enough TLC.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time now. After receiving some emails from readers last week about improper guidance regarding cleaning your NARS compact sponge, I finally got my act together.

NOTE: It is SO important to clean your brushes regularly. They attract more bacteria then we could possibly imagine, which lead to breakouts and sloppy makeup application!

IMG_4215I prefer to buy a specialized brush and sponge cleaner. There are several alternatives, including dish soap and olive oil, but they don’t always yield the best results. This Sonia Kashuk Brush & Sponge Cleaner is my favorite, hands down. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done.

IMG_4207Start with a clean brush, and run it under cold water.

IMG_4209Spray brush with “cleanser” and let it soak for about 45 seconds.

IMG_4217Squeeze the bristles, the twirl it in circles in the sink. This gets all of the product that is buried deep in the brush, as well as everything on the surface. Repeat until only clear water

IMG_4221Lay your brushes flat on a towel. I prefer to wash my brushes at night so they’ll be dry by the morning.

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Sophia Brahos

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