What You Need on Your Nails, NOW: Halloween Edition

Since Halloween is the most exciting time of the year at All You Need is Blush HQ, I’ve decided to launch a series of Halloween-inspired posts featuring my favorite costume ideas, nail art, and baked goods.

Nails first, obviously.

7a11f461e368fd4944c28cac01e2daa8photo via DesignLoveFest

Greeks love evil eyes. I am Greek. Therefore I love evil eyes. Of course 2 hours after a fresh gel manicure, I spotted this manicure on Pinterest. After getting over the sinking feeling in my stomach (aka nail envy), I knew I had to share.

  • Start with a simple nude polish, like Essie’s Sand Tropez or Deborah Lippmann’s Naked
  • Using a white nail pen, draw a white arc across the bottom of the nail, and fill it in 
  • With a blue or green polish, use a toothpick and place a dot in the middle of the white crescent
  • Using either a black nail pen or a toothpick with black polish, place a dot in the middle of the blue or green.
  •  Complete the look with a top coat.  Voila!

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.59.12 PMphoto via NCLA

Too cool. NCLA is quickly becoming a cult favorite, from their stellar polishes to clever nail wraps. Forget having to worry about polish mishaps, these wraps are easy to apply and last a decent amount of time. Plus, each pack has two sets! Click HERE to buy.

halloween googly eyes nailsMore eyes. I’m sensing a theme here, no?

At this point, I’m thinking a white nail art pen is a good investment to make.

  • Paint your nails ANY color! This works on anything, but looks especially good on dark colors.
  • Using your white nail pen, place two dots together anywhere on the nail.
  • Dip a toothpick in black polish and create two dots in the white circle. For best results, make sure they don’t match!

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cover photo via Madeline Poole

Sophia Brahos

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