NARS Lip Pencils

NARS upgraded your beloved Crayola Crayons, and turned them into your #1 new lip product.

narslippencils1Maybe I’ve seen too many episodes of Jersey Shore, but I have a serious fear of lipliner. I also can’t bring myself to spend more money on the “matching” liner so my lipstick will stay on longer. What’s the point?


NARS lip pencils double as a liner and a lipstick, and comes in every enviable color created.

The brand prides itself in the product’s versatility, and they give you three different formulas to choose from (matte, satin, and gloss). Click to BUY

Some of fashion’s best players in NARS (click for color description).

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Sophia Brahos

8 thoughts on “NARS Lip Pencils

  1. I am obsessed with NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils—I’ve got almost every single shade available! I find that they’re much easier to apply than ordinary matte lipsticks in tubes (although the trouble of sharpening pencils sometimes ticks me off), too. Thinking of getting the satin ones next since I’ve read raving reviews about them but I haven’t a single one! 🙂

    Erika’s Secret Closet


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