The Bob

AYNIB bobMy hair has never been past my shoulders (and I plan on keeping it that way). I have the “it’s just hair” mentality, so a big chop was inevitable. Two weeks ago, I walked into the hair salon and told my stylist to do whatever he wanted. I left with a “bob” (can we please find another word for this style?) and a smile on my face. Of course, a fresh cut has opened up a window of new product opportunities. I feel like products actually work on my hair.

all you need is blush short hairAYNIB bobOribe Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste I have to say, Oribe knows how to make a fantastic hair product. I’m loving the Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste (say that three times fast) for creating some texture post-blowdry.

PS. This is day 4 of not washing my hair… dry shampoo is also my new BFF.

Many, many, many more posts to come featuring hair products!

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Sophia Brahos

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