Blush Cheat Sheet: Oils

AllYouNeedisBlushOilOil. The most multi-purpose product on the market (rivaling Windex, for all of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding fans). However, it’s versatility can be daunting for many consumers, so I’m here to help! Oil has been the talk of the beauty town, and with temperatures reaching record lows across the globe, everyone’s in need of some hydration.

PhillipBAllYouNeedisBlushPhillip B. Rejuvenating Oil: Hair oil works wonders for your dry and damaged hair, but it has to be executed correctly. 1) Taking one inch sections of dry (unwashed) hair and apply to the point of saturation. Comb through with a fine-toothed comb, and let sit for about 45 minutes. 2) BEFORE (!!!) wetting hair, work in a clarifying shampoo (baby shampoo works) and massage to release excess oil. Rinse with warm water, and shampoo with your usual shampoo.

MoroccanOilAllYouNeedisBlushMoroccan Oil: If you’re looking for a sleek, frizz-free blowout, this one’s for you. You only need a drop, and apply it into towel dried hair.

JosieMaranCoconutOilCoconut Oil: I think I’ve exhausted all reviews on this miracle product (I mean a girl can only right so much on oil). You can read more reviews HERE and HERE .

NeutrogenaAllYouNeedisBlushNeutrogena Body Oil: Coconut oil before the shower, and Neutrogena oil post-shower. This is a little too heavy for warmer temperatures, but perfect for colder days.

JosieMaranAllYouNeedisBlushJosie Maran Pure Argan Oil Light: You gotta love Sephora for their killer samples, and this is a recent favorite. Josie Maran’s multi-purpose oil can be used as a moisturizer, cuticle oil, and just about everything in between. Swap out your regular moisturizer for this on days your skin has reached a level of dry comparable to the Sahara.

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