Embrace Efficiency

Finals. AH.

Sneaky little tests that asses your knowledge and challenge your sanity. Luckily, I’m still on my “New Year, New Organized Sophie” kick and I’m ready to get to work.

NOTE: These tips are not limited to final exam victims! Anyone needing to get some productive work done at home (read: MOM) can follow along.

Designate a Specific Workspace : I don’t know about you, but I can sit on my bed without getting a little sleepy. Designate an area that is only for work. No interruptions (Netflix) allowed.

Make a Staples Run: I condone excessive school supply shopping. Nothing says “get to work” like a new set of dividers, am I right? Your new swag will make you want to file ’til dawn.

Check Social Media at Set Times: On the hour, every two hours, or even better: not at all! I promise that picture of Ryan Gosling will still be on Pinterest after your final.

No food rule: Food does not belong on the desk (this will also prevent consumption of an entire bag of pretzels). However, it is crucial to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle at your desk at all times. If you live in a cave and are unaware of the benefits of staying hydrated, read more HERE

Change Your Scenery: If your suffering from a little cabin fever, don’t be afraid to change your scenery. Meeting up with a friend to get some work done, or settle in to a coffee shop. Note: Angelenos can check out the best coffee shops for screenwriters (or anyone looking for a productive space) in this fab article. 

NO Pajamas(!): Do yourself a favor and change out of your pajamas as soon as you get up. The earlier you get ready for the day, the more work you can accomplish.

If you want more tips, check out a previous post HERE

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