Boost Your Brows

Are your brows doing anything for your face? Do you tweeze regularly? How about wax? Or thread?

I do not do any of the above. I am lazy and I would rather spend my money on coffee. But, with the help of Benefit’s latest brow technology, I can have the eyebrows of my dreams.

Benefit’s Gimme Brow works as a brow gel AND tint, so it fills in your brows and keeps them in place all day. Just one swipe is all you need, and voilà, you practically look like Michelle Williams in her Louis Vuitton campaign.

AllYouNeedisBlush Gimme Brown by Lara BlancoYou can find this bad boy at a Sephora or Benefit counter near you. Benefit Gimme Brow x Lara BlancoAllYouNeedisBlush Gimme Brown by Lara Blanco2
photos by the insanely talented Lara Blanco (stay tuned for MORE!)

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Sophia Brahos

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