The Instagram Cleanse

With everyone “cleansing” these days, it seems virtually impossible to escape the nutritional value of steamed kale and the multi-purpose chia seed.

As an obsessive Whole Foods customer, I feel pretty up to date on the latest health food trends. Cooking, on the other hand, is not my strong suit. My arsenal consists of a berry smoothie, and ends there. Hot Pink Drink @ Liquid Juice Bar

I stumbled across DeliciouslyElla one day, and my eyes were opened to a whole new world: healthy Instagrams. These people are fantastic photographers, and should actually consider professions in food staging. Follow along for some healthy inspiration and great pictures. (click on the titles to see the entire profile!)

Clean Food Dirty City 

One Hungry Mami

Deliciously Ella

My New Roots

I’m no professional, but you can follow me along on Instagram HERE! 

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photos via CleanFoodDirtyCity, OneHungryMami, DeliciouslyElla, and MyNewRoots

Sophia Brahos

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