What’s in My Makeup Bag?

What's in My Makeup Bag? There is something so personal about a makeup bag. There’s only room for the essentials. I struggle with this concept, and usually tote along at least 3 extra lip glosses just in case. It’s a rough world out there, so let’s see what we’re bringing to battle.

POWDERPowder + Kabuki BrushPowder: the first step to any touch up regimen. Blotting papers are an added bonus, but a kabuki brush leaves a perfect finish.

Lip BasicsKiehl’s Lip Balm is the best luxury Vaseline on the market. I’ve mentioned my love for Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker HERE. NARS Risky Business is the most flattering lipgloss created. It looks good on everyone, and is perfect for a quick pick me up.

Diptyque Perfume Samples
Finally, you can use those perfume samples! I always have a couple on me, and they come in handy.

REFRESHMints + MotrinYou can’t go wrong with mints and some Motrin. This cute little pill bottle is from The Container Store. 

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Sophia Brahos

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