An Ode to Powder…

Why is my makeup sliding off my face? A question I asked myself far to frequently. I spend so much time buying/applying/obsessing over makeup, why can’t I even keep it on my face?

I was doing it all wrong, and I’m sorry. I strayed away from the tried and true face powder, in an attempt to achieve the dewy skin of my dreams. However, this wasn’t reality. My combination skin and liquid foundation don’t mix well, so insert the powder here.

There’s no need to look cakey, just simple press some translucent powder underneath your eyes (protect your concealer), your chin, and your forehead. You can even dust some on your nose, but don’t go too crazy. 

NARS Translucent Powder All You Need is BlushAs usual, I’m partial to NARS Translucent Powder, which claims to be light reflecting and all that jazz. I’m not sure about all of those promises, but I know it keeps your makeup on your face, which is my number one priority here. Add a little cream blush and highlighter on top and you are good to go.

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder All You Need is BlushMaybelline Dream Matte Powder (now discontinued? WHAT?) deserves a special mention. This has been in my makeup drawer for years (I’m on my 3rd), and is perfect for touchups. I throw one in my purse for a quick pick me up on the go. But, any pressed drugstore powder will do. The battle is finding the right shade!

Sophia Brahos

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