Beat the Microbead

748cdb5357ab244613dc598e491ed67fA conscious citizen wouldn’t dream of pouring chemicals into the ocean, or throwing a plastic bag onto the highway. But many of us are polluting in ways that we didn’t even realize. The problem?


These tiny plastic particles are in common “exfoliators.” Beyond their lackluster ability to exfoliate your skin, their life cycle continues down the drain, into the sewer system. Problem #1: Water treatment centers are not designed for filtering microbeads. Problem #2: They end up in the ocean, contributing to the plastic problem and damaging sea life.

It is so easy to eliminate these tiny particles from your routine. Avoid ANY suspended particles visible in a product.

With the help of the awesome app BEAT THE MICROBEAD, you can scan any product’s barcode to ensure that you are buying a product without the plastic particles. In fact, the state of Illinois recently banned the sale of products containing microbeads because of their dominant presence in Lake Michigan.

Be aware of brands that DO NOT contain microbeads.  Burt’s Bees uses powdered pecan shells, and Alba and Kiss My Face are 100% natural. If you need to check the ingredients, look for the pesky polyethylene. If you spot it, put it back on the shelf.

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Sophia Brahos

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