No Sweat: Workout Apparel Upgrade

We can thank Charles Darwin and/or Anna Wintour for the logical evolution from the Juicy sweatsuit to today’s sleek luxury apparel. Gone are the days of pastel velour and baggy t-shirts. Brands like Lululemon and Nike have created not only effective workout clothes, but pieces that can go beyond the gym. Or as the insiders are saying these days: it’s all about the après-workout. 

The latest player in the game? Net-a-Porter. The recently launched Net-a-Sporter has me weak in the knees. About 99% of it is completely impractical ($250 sweatbands) but so swaggy (… forgive me).

Last month’s Vogue argues that if the rest of your wardrobe is styled, why are your workout clothes any exception? With so many options out there, there is no excuse for your baggy tshirt.

Time to upgrade…

workout style 2Workout Style 1check out Net-a-Sporter HERE !!!

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Sophia Brahos

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