Physician’s Formula Eyeliner Trio

Physician's Formula Eyeliner TrioThe drugstore is a treasure trove of good eyeliner. I refuse to buy pricy eyeliner because there is no difference between a $6 Rimmel liner and a $40 YSL one. My latest discovery is no exception. Physician’s Formula Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trio is $12 for 3 and gives you a myriad of makeup opportunities.

Ladies, this set is your one-way ticket to those sexy, smoldering eyes you’ve been longing for. 

Jokes aside, I’ve deemed these a must-have in any makeup drawer. Between the black, brown, and champagne, there is some serious power behind these three hues. The crayon-like shape makes it easy to smudge and blend with shadows. Also, when blended with an eyeshadow primer (NARS is the best), they make an awesome base.

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Sophia Brahos

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