AYR Denim

AYR Denim 1AYR: All Year Round. “Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find.”

Simple, comfortable jeans are hard to come by. Jeans that fight just right? Even tougher.

AYR answered every woman’s prayers for the perfect skinny jean.

I stumbled upon this brand on Instagram about 5 months ago. I kept tabs on them, and attended their denim party in LA over the summer. Unable to resist a good pair of cropped skinny jeans, I pulled the trigger on their signature skinny jean in Jac’s Wash. My impulse purchases are not always fruitful… but this is an exception.

Reasons Why You Need AYR in Your Life

1. You don’t have a favorite pair of skinny jeans. I’m talking those jeans that somehow go with every outfit, and never. ever. stretch out.

2. You realized that Audrey Hepburn is the ultimate style icon, and she would definitely have a pair of AYR skinnies in her uber chic wardrobe. Seriously… #WWAW (what would Audrey wear). This hashtag also applies to Alexa Chung, who probably has some AYR in her life. Which leads you to your next reason… 

3. All the cool kids are wearing AYR. There is some serious street creed behind this brand, so you better catch on before it’s everywhere. “But mom… all the cool kids are wearing AYR!” -You.

4. You Hate Doing Laundry! I feel your pain. AYR jeans do not stretch, so no need to wash them after every wear. According to some “jean specialists”, this is better for the denim anyway. “Science” aside, it makes your life easier.

Oh… AYR also has an amazing line of closing just to seal the deal. Check them out HERE and be sure to sign up for their emails (lots of coupons!).

some fine AYR to browse through…

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