Dorm Room Snacks

There is so much more to a stellar dorm than a futon and a portable steamer. It’s like a Kardashian without a Cartier love bracelet: simply incomplete. The key to posterity when it comes to confined dorm living is a hefty arsenal of delectable snacks.

 rules for grocery shopping success

1) snacks must be portable (8:20 classes, hello.)

2) snacks must be nutritious (a comforting theory when you’re stress eating)

3) snacks must give you energy (caffeine, healthy fats, et cetera)

Dorm Room Snacks 4

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter + Classic Almond Butter + Honey Almond Butter

Dorm Room Snacks 3

I am the queen, and the Target grocery aisle is my empire.

Dorm Room Snacks 2Dorm Room Snacks 1


Harmless Harvest Coconut Water and Califia Farms Iced Coffee are two essentials, alongside plenty of Chex Mix (#noshame).

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