Meet the Frackit

FrackitNegI can confidently say the Frackit is the answer to my outerwear prayers.

Some occasions are not appropriate for my beloved North Face puffer, simply because I cannot fathom daily life without it. So what’s a girl to do?

1) I don’t want to sacrifice style.

2) I don’t want to lose a jacket that is too pricey to replace.

3) If I do leave it behind, I want someone to be able to identify it as mine.

SO here comes the Frackit. It’s $45, so your wallet won’t cry when you leave it behind at Sigma Chi. It’s black, so clashing isn’t an issue. The final selling point? It has a label inside for your name and contact info, in case a kind soul finds it and wants to return it.

BUY the Frackit HERE! tag your pics with #frackitFrackit6FrackitGeorgeProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetfrackit3Frackit9

photos by Hunter Johnson {taken with Hasselblad} 



Sophia Brahos

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