Enhance Your Instagram Feed

If Facebook is the grandmother of social media, then Instagram is your cool cold-pressed juice drinking older sister.

I’m a little overwhelmed these days with copious amounts of worthless material available at every click. What matters anymore? Every feed seems to be plagued with advertisements, and it seems like every blogger posts endless iterations of the same photo.

With it’s simple layout, Instagram is a great source of untapped inspiration. There are a couple of accounts I follow for inspiration, ranging from travel to nail art.

Inspirational Quotes: OKREAL [@heyokreal]

Travel: Ben Brown [@mrbenbrown]

Nail Art: Nailing Hollywood [@nailinghollywood]

Interiors: Design Sponge [@designsponge]

The Power Couple: Hannah Bronfman [@hannahbronfman] + Brendan Fallis [@brendanfallis]

follow @allyouneedisblush on Instagram HERE

Sophia Brahos

2 thoughts on “Enhance Your Instagram Feed

  1. I think many people plunge into instagram without knowing where they are supposed to start and where they should end. There is lack of training; and before such people find their feet, they have fed the net with enough junk to annoy those who know what is good and what is bad.


  2. I agree with Ngobesing, so many junk accounts you don’t know where to begin! But these accounts are wonderful. I especially enjoy the travel one ! Might I suggest @peterconstantine for an addition to this list? a little slice of comedic genius!


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