A Brief Intermission

Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge to make you step back and assess your life, or in my case, it requires an avalanche.

I have been a high-strung, type-A female since I was old enough to remember. I move from task to task, doing my best, but usually just trying to cross it off of one of my many endless to-do lists.  My outlandishly early daily wakeup call correlates with the several cups of coffee I rely on to go about my day, and my phone does not leave my hand in fear that I may miss someone trying to reach me.

Per usual, my phone was in my hand when I received a phone call that caused threw a wrench in my daily to-do list. I have been blessed with a healthy family, and illness seemed like a distant stranger that touched other lives, but never my own. The initial shock of a diagnosis wares off, but the heartbreak and fear seems to lurk around like an unwelcome guest.

Amidst all of this heartbreak, All You Need is Blush has fallen to the back burner. I have decided to take a blogging break until I get out of school for the summer. My stress levels have reached points I didn’t know existed, and in order to stay sane, I am taking a step back from everything.

Summer 2015 is going to be a good one, and I look forward to everything it has in store for All You Need is Blush.

Sophia Brahos

3 thoughts on “A Brief Intermission

  1. Take your time and take care of yourself first 🙂 I had to take a break for about 3 months to get myself together, and I’m just getting back to blogging now. Sending much love and prayers your way!

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  2. Sophie, understood! Please know how much I have you & your family in my prayers & heart right now.


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