A Case for Drugstore Shampoo

Beauty products and coffee account for most of my budget. That being said, I usually fork over the big bucks for high quality products in both departments. And although I’ve accumulated an arsenal of makeup and hair products fit for a E! reality star, I like to think I value quality over quantity.

Long story short, the drugstore shampoo aisle seemed like a place of my adolescent past. But alas, attending a university in the middle of nowhere left me with a dearth of luxury shampoo. I ditched my allegiance to the sulfate-free suds and found myself wandering the Target shampoo aisle.

The first bottle to catch my attention? Herbal Essences. The brand reissued the classic Rose and Daisy scents in the original bottles which no doubt had a spot in your shower at least once at the turn of the century. Naturally, I am weak for nostalgia and settled for the Rose scented shampoo and conditioner. The whole transaction set me back about six dollars, so there was not much on the line.

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The verdict? My hair was incredibly soft and smooth just after the first use. In fact, I’ve gone through 2 bottles of Herbal Essences since.

Plot twist: My hairdresser complemented me on the improved health of my hair, and asked if I’d been doing something differently…. #sulfates.

I’m a proponent of switching up shampoo and conditioner often, so I’ve been switching around formulas. However, I do not feel the need to spend excessive amounts of money on shampoo and conditioner when I can get great results from the drugstore.

disclaimer: I do not color my hair. Sulfate-free shampoos are recommend for anyone who highlights/colors their hair.

Sophia Brahos

2 thoughts on “A Case for Drugstore Shampoo

  1. Great honest review. I think the original Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners are the holy grail of hair care. Nothing else comes close.

    I too change shampoos and conditioners frequently, but every other shampoo and conditioner combo will be one of the original Herbal Essences.

    Yay for drugstore products!


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