How to Navigate Forever 21

Good taste with a small budget can be particularly limiting when it comes to clothing. I am a believer in investing in important staple pieces, like a great pair of jeans or a timeless high heel. However, when it comes to trendier pieces, I’m hesitant to spend the big bucks. 

Forever 21. It’s big, it’s cheap, and there’s one in practically every American city. So get to know you’re favorite thrifty, on-trend store.

1. Shop Online

Potentially risky, but you’ll discover gems that would most likely be hidden in the store. The surplus of merchandise in the stores makes it difficult to shop. Plus, you can do it in the comfort of your own home! They rarely discount, but make sure to sign up for Forever 21 emails for exclusive coupon codes.

Forever 21 Crossbody
currently carrying this F21 pebbled faux-leather crossbody (it was under $30 !!!)

2. Read the Reviews

Chances are, if three or more people are raving about the quality of an item, it’s a safe buy {common sense, yes}. My best F21 purchases had unanimously glowing reviews. If people are taking the time out of their day to leave a positive comment about the product, it’s most likely pretty stellar.

3. Learn the Lines

There are a handful of collections within the brand, so it’s easy to find at least one that suits your style. I’m partial to the Love21 line, which houses feminine dresses and great going-out tops. Also, the new workout collection is GOLDEN.

4. Avoid the Bodycon Dress

…And other things that actually look like you bought them at Forever 21. Girl, put down that crop top. Just say no.

in my current shopping cart

WHAT BRINGS ME JOY: Someone complements your outfit and you stun them with the response, “Thanks, it’s from Forever 21.” Maybe I need a hobby.

Sophia Brahos

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