5 Dorm Room Essentials

What do you actually need in a dorm room? This, right here, is the million dollar question. It’s currently being asked by mothers across the country, as they invade Bed Bath and Beyond with mile-long lists in hand.

With one year of college under my belt, I have a pretty good notion of what belongs in your room (shoebox is a more accurate term), and what can stay on the shelves of the Container Store. So return the waffle maker. I promise you won’t need it.

1. A Good Robe

Laugh all you want, but I’m deeming this the most crucial item in dorm living. You never know who is going to walk into your room at a given time, so it’s best to be prepared. It also makes getting ready infinitely more luxurious. My favorite robe is from J.Crew. It’s cotton and very soft. They usually have at least one style on sale, so snag one during one of their super sales. shop here.

2. Cork Board Squares

There is nothing more depressing than a drab white wall. It’s important to make your new space feel like home, which can be easily achieved with pictures and posters. I used cork board squares to hang my photos in a more organized fashion. Pin up your favorite magazine editorials or collages of friends.Cork Boards

3. Clorox Wipes

A true miracle product if I ever did see one. There are few things these can’t clean. Few college students have time for an exhaustive room cleanse (sorry Mom). Clorox wipes get the job done in a pinch.

4. Stationary

Assemble a small kit for your desk drawer consisting of postage stamps, notecards, and envelopes. Believe it or not, some things in the world require snail mail, so one must always be prepared.

5. Desk Blotter

One of my first professors insisted all of his students purchase a large desk calendar on the first day of school. He said it was the best way to stay on top of academics, since everything is right in front of you, all of the time. My advice? Fill it out for the semester/quarter once you get your syllabus. They give you those dates in advance for a reason. Write them down, and you’ll be sure to never let a date slip.

Sophia Brahos

2 thoughts on “5 Dorm Room Essentials

  1. Great list! These are all definitely must-haves. Don’t forget the flip-flops for the shower lol. 😉


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