4 Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow, NOW!

The Streicher Sisters @streichersisters 

This über cool trio not only shares a killer gene pool, but LA’s hottest new salon, StIIIKe. Jenn handles the makeup, Ashley covers hair, and Kristie is the master of the “feathered brow.” Follow along for star studded updates, as well as endless hair/makeup/brow inspiration.

Violet Grey @violetgrey 

The beauty renegades at Violet Grey are changing the beauty market with their beautifully curated collections and stellar online presence. If you can’t make it into their Melrose Place boutique, their Instagram is equally inspiring.

Glossier @glossier 

Arguably the best beauty brand on social media, Glossier has set the bar high for its competitors. The feed consists of beautiful, unique images and plenty of pink.

Hannah Bronfman @hannahbronfman

I’ve sung her praises many times before, but Hannah’s Instagram has been a source of inspiration for several years now. She covers more than just beauty, but her nail snapshots and makeup close-ups always catch my eye. She is also the new face of Clinique!

Sophia Brahos

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