Go Nude.

In the last few years, we’ve all praised at the altar of nail art. Neon, tribal patterns, stripes… you name it, I’ve probably done it. But, in an effort to make (small) strides toward sophisticated adulthood, I’ve embraced the refined nude nail.

As with all things tasteful, Chanel does it best. The Les Beiges collection is the answer to our nude manicure prayers. I’ve been reaching for 661 Precious Beige, which is a simple flesh tone with traces of pink and subtle shimmer. I’ve yet to find a nude polish that doesn’t make me look like a cadaver, which was my justification on the Chanel polish splurge.

So, pick your poison. But remember, everyone looks better when they’re wearing a little less.

NOTE: As for nude gel manicures, I am completely loyal to OPI’s Samoan Sands. I prefer a nude gel manicure because they last longer, and chips remain unnoticeable.

Sophia Brahos

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