The Power of a “Thank You”

Thank you notes were a fundamental part of my upbringing. No matter how small the gift, my mother always stressed the importance of sending a note to express my gratitude. Forget the email, forget the phone call, and do not even THINK about sending a text. In our digital universe, it is important to have the dignity to sit down and write something in your own script.

In fact, studies have proven that expressing gratitude, especially through a handwritten note, can  increase happiness and sociability in people. A handwritten note can hit an emotional chord, and strengthens bonds to people in both business and personal settings. Where an email expressing gratitude has no unique identity in a crowded inbox, a sharp square envelope stands out in a sea of bills and catalogues.

Also, this is a chance to acquire some fabulous stationary (the really fun part).

I am a little late to the train, but I am a recently devoted fan of the lifestyle brand. Their stationary is quirky and fun, and will add some color to anyone’s mailbox. describes their cards as “the hugs of modern correspondence.” cards


Sophia Brahos

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