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Checking in here to make a case for the low-tech watch. As a millennial with an aversion to the constant chime of my electronics, the thought of having a mini-phone on my wrist is overwhelming. Watches are a no-brainer accessory, and are critical in creating the most refined arm party you ever did see. So take your pick of history’s favorite accessory. Remember, iPhones die, but your watch battery is forever.

Larsson and Jennings Läder 

Larsson & Jennings

The classic British design and Swedish minimalism in the Larsson & Jennings designs makes it the perfect go-to accessory. I am particularly partial to the suede band on this model, as well as the clean lines of the watch face. In this case, less is more. Shop Larsson And Jennings here. 

Louis Moinet Memoris

Louis Moinet

It does not get much more lavish or extraordinary than this. Louis Moinet was the founder of the chronograph, and one of the finest watchmakers in history. Louis Moinet is today an independent watch brand, specializing in the creation of high-end timepieces. The pieces feature exotic materials and innovative technology. This limited edition Memoris watch is the first watch of its kind: the chronograph is the heart of the design, and the entire chronograph function has been shifted to the dial. These are not for the faint of heart. Browse Louis Moinet HERE

watch the chronograph in motion. 

Timex Weekender

TimexMy timepiece of choice. Simple, understated, and completely durable. I prefer a more neutral strap, but the opportunities are endless. Shop Timex here. 

Thank you to Louis Moinet for partnering on this post. Read about the brand and their timepiece legacy HERE. 

Sophia Brahos

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