Your Birchbox Brief

Samples are the greatest gifts to to the modern consumer. Imagine a world where you couldn’t taste test the frozen Swedish meatballs at Costco, or have to purchase a perfume without being able to test it for a few days. Cruel, isn’t it?

Wise beauty consumers should always try before they buy in order to ensure product quality and effectiveness. Or you could be like me, and just hoard your product samples until you can’t close the drawer of your dresser.

I am at the ultimate sucker for samples. The check out line at Sephora is my kryptonite. Was I born with this weakness? Who knows. But I do know that Birchbox is my solution.

I recently “rediscovered” Birchbox after after canceling my subscription a few years back. The company has grown dramatically since its naissance, with more customizable options and a lengthy brand roster. Upon signing up, you fill out a questionnaire inquiring about your hair type, skin type, and other beauty preferences. Birchbox creates your monthly box based on your responses.

Is it worth it? 

 You can purchase an entire year for $110, or pay $10 on a monthly basis. Most samples are deluxe, and last long enough to get a good feel for the product. I have discovered some fabulous lines through my most recent subscription. Aside from getting to test out each product, Birchbox allows you to amass a stellar travel beauty arsenal. The Birchbox staff carefully curates each box, so you know you are getting top of the line products.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hate buying expensive mascara. All formulas seem to be practically the same, and the differences between prestige and drugstore mascaras come down to packaging. Forking over $30+ for something I have to throw away in two months seems a little absurd. I have to draw the line somewhere, you know?

With Birchbox, I usually get a deluxe mascara sample every month. Mascara samples last about just as long as you should keep your mascara anyway. In my humble opinion, the faaaaancy mascara sample each month is worth $10 in itself.


Perfume is a personal matter. I’ve rotated between two Diptyque scents everyday for the last few years, and I don’t think I’ll be changing any time soon.

Perfume samples serve a much greater purpose for me than searching for a new scent. I keep one or two in my evening bag every time I go out. You never know when you’ll need a quick spritz, and you there is no need to worry about losing your beloved signature scent.


3oz or less? No problem. Use your new samples to build up your toiletry bag. Say au revoir to plastic travel bottles, and hello to luxury beauty on-the-go.

I like to think I am relatively fluent in today’s beauty brands. However, my recent Birchbox subscription has introduced me to several brands I have never even heard of, let alone purchased a product from. If anything, use Birchbox to expand your beauty vocabulary, and support some outstanding up and coming brands.

Sophia Brahos

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