Blush Crush

Blush is the new neutral.

Perhaps I am partially biased because my entire site revolves around the word, but I can’t help but want errrryyythang pale pink this season. The perfect shade is slightly dusty, with a hint of nude and just a tinge of lavender. Blush is here to tell us that pink doesn’t have to be girly. It can be cool, and certainly fit everyone. Think of this as your moodboard/ shopping list for the rest of the season.

Happy blushing!

pictured above: Apple Silicone Case + Anya Hindmarch “S” Sticker

Sophia Brahos

5 thoughts on “Blush Crush

  1. I love your blog! Is it okay if I link to you in the coming few weeks? I’m working on a blog called “Sick But Beautiful” and I’ll be putting up a post soon that’s all about blush, and I intend to use the sentence “All you need is blush” and I’ll hyperlink that to you (so it’s clear I’m using the term as a reference and then people can find their way to you). Let me know and have a great day!


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