Best of the Bond Girls

Last week marked the release of the 24th James Bond movie, Spectre, which as expected, brought some serious heat in the heroine department (hellooooo Léa Seydoux). While many of the 007 sidekicks were rather, ahem, obvious in their vixen status, it’s the more reserved Bond girls who created the lasting impression, and ultimately Bond’s attention. Bikinis and leather catsuits aside, let’s take a look at the best Bond girls throughout the ages…

1962 Eunice Gayson in Dr. No
1962 Eunice Gayson “Dr. No”
1965 Claudine Auger in Thunderball
1965 Claudine Auger “Thunderball”
1979 Louis Chiles in Moonraker
1979 Lois Chiles “Moonraker”
1985 a view to kill tanya roberts
1985 Tanya Roberts “A View to Kill”
1989 Licence to Kill Talisa Soot
1989 Talisa Soot “Licence to Kill”
1999 Sophie Marceau
1999 Sophie Marceau “The World is Not Enough”
2002 Rosamund Pike
2002 Rosamund Pike “Die Another Day”
2015 Lea Seydoux
2015 Lea Seydoux “Spectre”
Sophia Brahos

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