4 Essentials for Your Going-Out Bag

Long night on the town ahead of you? A sufficiently stocked bag is just as critical as your LBD.  Hands-free is superlative in both form and function in this case, so grab your crossbody and prepare your arsenal. It’s time for battle. And remember, one cross strap is better than none.

CV Card Case1. Card Case

A small bag prohibits a large wallet, and you shouldn’t be toting around all of your important stuff anyway. A card, ID, and cash is all you really need. Keep it organized in a card case like THIS one from Clare V.

Clinique Chubby Stick2. Lip Color

Ladies, this should be a given. No All You Need is Blush reader should EVER be without a lipstick or two on hand. This is especially critical if you’ve opted for a bold lip. Reapply, reapply, reapply!

Perfume Samples3. Perfume Samples

All those perfume samples you’ve amassed over the years? This is their time to shine. You never know when you need a quick refresh.

Breath Spray4. Breath Spray / Listerine Strips

Avoid tacky gum chewing with a breath spray or dissolvable Listerine strip.

Sophia Brahos

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