A Girl’s Night In

With the busy (and expensive) holiday season fast approaching, sometimes you need to take a step back, or in this case, spend a night in. Instead of dropping unreasonable amounts of cash on movie concessions or cab fares, lately my friends and I have been embracing a pastime we’ve known since our pre-pubescent years: a movie night. While we’ve graduated from Disney Channel, the formula remains the same: movie, snacks, and beauty. So sit back, relax, and save some $$$.

Here’s your itinerary…

Settle in with a proper film for the occasion (a chick-flick, of course). I’m partial to Jimmy Fallon’s short-lived cinematic career in Fever Pitch or the ultimate classic, Legally Blonde (the rules of haircare are simple and finite… ). Follow up with a suitable snack. There’s absolutely no need to discriminate between sweet and salty #treatyoself.

Once you get your movie going, it’s time to get down to beauty business. In honor of changing seasons, opt for a darker lacquer on your nails and toes, like OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. Because #masking is very much a thing right now, devote some time to your favorite face mask. Clinique’s Pore Refining Mask is pictured above, as well as Glossier’s fabulous duo. Read more about my favorite masks, HERE.

Bonus points for a strong pajama game. Forever 21 and Victoria’s Secret have a great selection during the holiday season (which also double as great gifts).

Winter is a great time to spend some time inside with your squad, and movie nights are my favorite way to have a fun, and frugal, gathering. In honor of saving some money for the holiday season (and in general!), Personal Capital is the way to go. Dubbed as “the modern way to manage your net worth, with everything you need to gauge, monitor and optimize your financial holdings,” it’s a completely user-friendly way to manage your personal finances.

Sophia Brahos

One thought on “A Girl’s Night In

  1. Dear Blush,

    I know you recommended watching a chick-flick, but based on your other suggestions, sweet and salty snacks, cozy pajamas, facial masks, and some nail polish, I really think the Human Centipede would be a perfect fit for this occasion. I know many people have already read this article and are tuning in to watch legally blonde tonight, but don’t worry there’s still time to save them! Make sure to edit this article ASAP Ferg!!!

    ColorMe Purple


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