Outfits for Every Fall Temperature

Translating a numerical temperature into an outfit seems to be an art form. I never seem to get it quite right, resulting in me either shivering or sweltering on my way to class.

But, in order to make sure I step outside in an ensemble I don’t regret, I’ve assembled a guide to cold weather dressing with the help of Barneys New York, ranging from those unseasonably warm days to freezing. Remember, wool socks are your trusted friend and confident, and layering is the key to your well-being.

60sLeggings | Shoes | Glasses | Jacket | Tee

50sSweater | Tee | Hat | Jeans | Boots

40sTee | Sweater | Jeans | Coat | Boots | Purse

30sCoat | Cardigan | Blouse | Boots | Scarf | Jeans 

Sophia Brahos

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