11 Fall Outfits to Wear RIGHT NOW

QUICK. Before it gets too cold…

Fall is just the best.

Growing up in the land of sunny and 75, I never embraced the season and all of the bundling opportunities it had to offer. Since the call of  higher education landed me in Midwest, I’ve become a self-proclaimed layering aficionado, and most definitely understand the importance of a decorative gourd.

But seriously, fall has been A+ this year. We’ve yet to see snowfall. Starbucks got with the program and made almond milk PSLs a thing. But most importantly, I only have to wear one pair of socks under my boots.

So, the deed has been done. I have scoured the deep depths of the internet to find the most electrifying ensembles fall 2016 has to offer. We’re talking #layersonlayers.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetfall-2fall-3fall-4fall-5fall-6fall-7fall-8fall-10fall-12fall-13

images via Pinterest. 


Sophia Brahos

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