Get Emma Stone’s 2017 Golden Globes Look

Like most, I was a bit underwhelmed with the Globes red carpet this year. Where were the fun frocks the Beverly Hilton carpet is usually known for? While there are some other notable mentions (… Sienna Miller’s black bow? Sign me up), Emma Stone’s etherial glow stole the show. It was a refreshing departure from the usual dramatic eye or bold lip, yet appeared seemingly possible to recreate at home.

Emma’s makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin (one of best MUAs of our time and a notable Chanel vet), wanted a look that accented her custom Valentino dress. The look was soft, feminine, and romantic, and like all good things, involved NARS.

Goodwin’s 2017 Golden Globes Kit

For eyes, Goodwin used NARS Dual Intensity shadows, and complemented with NARS’s Hardwired Shadow in Earthshine in the inner corners. Pro tip: for extra glow-power, use a small, wet brush to apply shimmery eyeshadows. The shadow will come to life! She neglected any eyeliner, and instead created volume with falsies and mascara. Goodwin blended a mix of NARS blushes to create a soft, peachy cheek. Also, there appears to have been some serious highlighting action here. I’m guessing it was a NARS Multiple in CopacabanaBurt’s Bees Radiance Body Lotion was used to illuminate Stone’s décolletage (brb going to order this right now).

Honestly, if this doesn’t want to make you take a trip to the NARS store, I don’t know what will. I’m also intrigued by Goodwin’s Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleaning Cloths… I will try them and report back.

all images via @rachel_goodwin

Sophia Brahos

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