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It’s Time to Tan

Please, please, PLEASE try to stay out of the sun. Put away your baby oil and just buy some self-tanner, ok? But it’s really not that easy. Self-tanning can become a degrading task in which the victim emerges looking like an extra in Willy Wonka, a Kardashian, or both. Since it’s that awkward time of […]

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Blush Cheat Sheet: Oils

Oil. The most multi-purpose product on the market (rivaling Windex, for all of the My Big Fat Greek Wedding fans). However, it’s versatility can be daunting for many consumers, so I’m here to help! Oil has been the talk of the beauty town, and with temperatures reaching record lows across the globe, everyone’s in need of some […]

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the Top Shelf: Fall 2013

Disclaimer: My medicine cabinet never really looks this clean. I may have done some housekeeping. My bathroom and vanity have a constant stream of products going through them. In reality, All You Need is Blush is just an excuse for my addiction to beauty and hair products. “It’s for the blog…” is an excuse I use far […]

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Are You Drinking Enough Water?

How much water do you drink a day? Probably not enough. Let’s change that. It seems so simple. We usually have very easy access to unlimited amounts of drinking water, but often forget the benefits of good old H2O. I was inspired after a discussion with a facialist whose number one recommendation for clear, dewy […]

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Cuckoo for Coconut Oil

I am a sucker for all beauty products. No matter the store, I usually find myself in a corner swatching lip gloss, and 10 minutes later I’m out the door with a new nail polish. A couple of months ago, my tragic addiction led me to an entirely new realm: the grocery store. I saw […]

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Get Glowing: 3 Ways to Your Best Fake Tan

After all of my “research” (I use this word loosely) for this post, I’ve concluded that fake tanning is addictive and once you go tan, it’s hard to go back. I DO NOT condone tanning beds, and really encourage people to stay out of the sun. Both have serious consequences (melanomas are not your friend), so […]

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How To Pack: Toiletries and Makeup

My family and friends most likely laughed at loud when they saw the title of this post. I have a chronic case of overpacking (“but Mom I NEED to bring 4 extra shirts…. I need options!”). However, I’m taking a trip with a suitcase size limit, so I’ve accepted the challenge and am pretty proud […]

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the Sunscreen Files

With summer sneaking up on us, every beauty blog, magazine article and commentary stresses the importance of sunscreen, so naturally I had to jump on the bandwagon. Jokes aside, sunscreen is SO important (I can’t stress it enough!). At age 70, my grandmother has the most beautiful skin. She’s worn sunscreen everyday for years, and […]

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Ah, the Oscars. The night the world comes together to judge whose spray tan looks like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and whose hair just did not work with their dress (ahem, Cameron Diaz 2012). While the majority of us don’t get to walk the stairs of the Kodak, we do have events that […]

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Goodbye, Dry Skin!

It’s the middle of January and looks like the cold, dry weather is not going anywhere. I set out on a mission to find the perfect body wash/lotion combination to alleviate my dry skin. I had a little too much fun (as usual) and found some really great products, some drugstore and some not. My […]

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