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Monthly Moodboard: July 2014

It’s too hot for most activities these days, so minimal makeup, a pair of sunglasses and a dress are the only things I’m reaching for. Also, workout gear (even when I’m not working out, sorry!) is the first thing I put on when the temperature is 95+. Happy July! where to find me :: TWITTER ::: INSTAGRAM ::: FACEBOOK ::: TUMBLR

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Monthly Mood Board: April

Trends come and go, so let’s see what’s “blush” this month.  They’re the link between the J.Crew catalogue and Juicy J: sneakers are everywhere this season. And I’m ALL about this trend. They’re fresh and clean, but a little bit funky. where to find me :: TWITTER ::: INSTAGRAM ::: FACEBOOK ::: TUMBLR

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the FLOP

After 6 months of dealing with “the bob,” I’ve developed some signature ‘dos. Since ponytails are pretty much out of the question, I’m forced to either 1) put on a Lululemon headband or 2) attempt to style it. I usually opt for option 1, but some occasions require hair attention. The “flop” has been my […]

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