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Organization Guide: Desk Drawer

Life is better organized. This is stage one in a new organization series, which spotlights common messy areas. First stop is the notorious desk drawer. An easy catch-all, my drawers often end up looking like hurricane victims. But, with a simple system, we can alleviate those extraneous Post-it notes and iPad chargers. What you need: Container […]

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What’s in My Makeup Bag?

There is something so personal about a makeup bag. There’s only room for the essentials. I struggle with this concept, and usually tote along at least 3 extra lip glosses just in case. It’s a rough world out there, so let’s see what we’re bringing to battle. POWDERPowder: the first step to any touch up regimen. Blotting […]

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How to: Organize Your Closet

Closet: A girls best friend/ worst enemy. It always seems to be missing that one shirt that would perfectly compliment your shoes or you find that skirt that’s been in there for years and is the perfect addition to your outfit. An organized closet is not only crucial to a woman’s sanity, it is crucial to putting […]

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How To: Organize Your Makeup

There are few things I find more relaxing than organizing. I pride myself in my organized drawers and closet, so I figured it is only fair that I spread the knowledge. First stop: makeup. The key to organizing makeup is having the proper set-up, which includes proper containers and storage space. The process breaks down […]

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