What’s in My Makeup Bag?

There is something so personal about a makeup bag. There’s only room for the essentials. I struggle with this concept, and usually tote along at least 3 extra lip glosses just in case. It’s a rough world out there, so let’s see what we’re bringing to battle. POWDERPowder: the first step to any touch up regimen. Blotting […]

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What’s In My Purse

I am always drawn to others bloggers’ “What’s in My Purse” posts. Every woman keeps something different in their bag, and I love to see what is in everyone else’s purse. This bag is designed to hold an iPad, but it’s pretty narrow so I can’t afford to keep things in it that I don’t need. […]

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How To Pack: Toiletries and Makeup

My family and friends most likely laughed at loud when they saw the title of this post. I have a chronic case of overpacking (“but Mom I NEED to bring 4 extra shirts…. I need options!”). However, I’m taking a trip with a suitcase size limit, so I’ve accepted the challenge and am pretty proud […]

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